Solio Alfa Pain Relief device

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I feel a great relief in my thigh.

I am using it just once a day and I am thankful.

I had shoulder surgery many years ago and This unit is doing miracles

Suffering from strong pain in my lower back. after 4 uses of this product I felt much better for a long time better than any pill or steroid that I use before.

The support team is great. They were there to assist my 69y.o. Mother with instructions how to use it for each scenario and questions.

I did it for one week and I don't need to use it anymore as the pain went away.
I strongly recommend it.

you must use conductor gel, and it is immediately soothing. With regular use, inflammation will subside.

great relief from the knee pain that I have been suffering severe knee pain for two months.
Their representative was also very kind and helpful.

I used the solio Alpha daily and it has sorted out my back pain. I can now hit the gym like i did before.

I was really surprised at how well this device works. It really reliefs pain

superb company service (I asked about metals) and there’s a human on the other end of the line!!!

Chronic Pain Relief
Sport Pain Cure
Trauma Pain Treatment
Period Pain Killer
Solio Alfa Plus

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