Chronic Pain Relief Through Alternative Treatments

Chronic Pain Relief Through Alternative TreatmentsAnyone who has experienced chronic pain knows that it’s a real drain on the body and mind. It has the power to affect every aspect of one’s life and makes it impossible to continue as normal.From the inability to do everyday tasks, to the many hours of lost sleep, to feelings of helplessness and depression, it can become difficult to just get out of bed both physically and mentally.Needless to say chronic pain sufferers will seek out every possible medical treatment available just to get some relief, even if temporary. But medications are not the only option for alleviating pain. For example 40% of people with chronic pain find that massage therapy worked very well to relieve their pain while only 23% of people found opioids effective.We gathered some of the most effective pain treatment options outside of medications, to help you fight pain in every possible way, to give yourself the best odds of finally getting the relief you crave.Get Massage Therapy – as mentioned above massage is a great, popular, and effective way of relieving pain. Not only does it physically get into the muscle tissue and bones to knead out the pain causing agitation, it also relieves stress and tension which in turn helps to reduce pain as well.Eat The Right Food To Fight Pain – the kinds of food that you choose to eat or not to eat has a big effect on pain. Some foods can exacerbate pain, for example, food with high content of salt or synthetic sweeteners, while others can alleviate pain by fighting inflammation, improving bone density, blocking pain signals and even helping to heal the underlying cause. Some examples are cherries, which are antioxidants that block inflammation and obstruct pain enzymes, certain types of fish such as salmon and sardines which are rich in Omega-3s that improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in blood vessels and nerves, also ginger, coffee, and oranges.De-Stress Now – Being stressed has an effect on our physical well being as well as mental and emotional. One of the many negative effects it has is to intensify pain. It is essential to keep stress to a minimum, and since it’s impossible to avoid altogether, learn to control and contain it. One of the best techniques for doing so is meditation. The deep breathing techniques of meditation help the body to relax, release endorphins and helps to ease pain, tension, and tightness.Laser Energy Therapy – there are many options for an at-home energy device treatments. They emit laser energy to offer pain relief, one such device is Solio Alfa Plus. Unlike other treatment devices on the market that have 1-2 energies, Solio Alfa Plus emits 3 energies: Bipolar Radio Frequency, Infrared, and Low-Level Laser Therapy. The different energies are able to penetrate to varying depths attacking the pain at its source and helping to heal the underlying cause. Solio Alfa Plus energy is able to block sensory nerve cells, increase blood circulation, and collagen and protein production, to reduce inflammation, as well as muscle and joint issues among others.
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