Effective Knee Pain Treatment, Joint Pain Relief

Anybody who has experienced knee problems understands the agony they can lead to. Pain caused by knee issues, can escalate quickly and can last for a prolonged period of time, which can Anybody who has experienced knee problems understands the agony they can lead to. Pain caused by knee issues, can escalate quickly and can last for a prolonged period of time, which can affect quality of life and mobility.

Ease of movement, while taken for granted by the healthy, once lost has extreme negative consequences, not to mention the effects of the pain itself, which compounds the problem.  Because of these factors knee pain must be attended to as soon as the problem arises, otherwise one will have to contend with the following concerns:

Effects on movement – Knee pain can result from a number of conditions, some of which may hamper movement considerably, in some instances mobility may be completely cutoff due to the pain. Even in cases of ligament tear or tendon dislocation, relatively minor conditions, movement may become limited, which can be equally distressing. During knee treatment different levels of activity may be allowed, in some cases a person could be prescribed bed rest, bringing that person’s daily life and activities to a complete standstill.  No matter the extent of limitations, they have a negative effect on quality of life.

Effects on the psyche –  Pain is psychologically demanding. A person who experiences pain for an extended period of time can become depressed. Limited or no movement has negative effects not only on one’s physical but also mental health.  Other problems/ailments can develop due to limited mobility, which will compound an already existing problem.  Therefore effective knee pain treatment, even for what seems to be minor pain (for now) should be solicited as soon as possible in order to avoid such a situation.

Medication may not be a viable solution – In certain cases, medication may not accomplish its intended purpose and the knee problem and pain will return to rue the day, since the source of the problem remains untreated. This can lead to more time spent as the doctor’s getting tested and examined while the pain continues to be a problem. Medication may also cause other problems for the patient, such as side effects or allergic reaction.  Or in some cases, patients try to avoid chemical interference altogether.

Treatment can be expensive – Knee pain treatment can get to be quite expensive, when taking into consideration the doctor’s visits, the various tests, examinations, medications, treatments, equipment and so on.

Treatment can be extensive – Not only can it take some time for a proper diagnosis, but the treatment itself can be a prolonged process. Diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation all require time commitments. Physiotherapy is often required as rehabilitation and treatment for knee problems and can get to be lengthy process, this can take a toll on time and finances.Based on all the points above it’s clear that anyone facing knee pain must attend to it before the condition becomes more aggravated. No one wants to have their movement constrained and spirit broken. Moreover, the problem should be taken care of at the source, whether it be muscle, tendon or ligament so that it does not resurface.3E Technology can work wonders to help heal and alleviate knee pain. Devices such as Solio Alfa Plus utilize three different energy forms – the bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy, the LLLT energy and the IR heat energy for the ultimate in pain treatment. The bipolar RF energy penetrates deep inside a muscle or joint where the pain is concentrated and can help improve the blood circulation to ease the pain. The low light laser therapy (LLLT) energy is concentrated in the muscle, and the infrared (IR) heat energy increases oxygen and blood flow in the knee area to help in muscle relaxation and improve range of motion. By combining the 3 technologies in one device, one can be sure of getting a lasting solution for a knee pain.
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