Guide For Pain-Free Travel

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Guide For Pain-Free Travel

Summer Travel Pain Management

August is here which means summer vacation time has finally arrived! For most, this is a time that is filled with excitement, anticipation, exploration, and relaxation. However, for some, this time may be filled with fear, dread, and pain. Those “some” we are referring to are people who suffer from chronic pain, and the small stresses of travel may make one more susceptible to an onset of a painful flare-up. And while living with pain is difficult in any situation, being taken out of one’s familiar environment (with built-in strategies for pain relief), brings on an extra set of challenges that make vacations more of a burden than a blessing. We want to put the feeling of fun and excitement of vacation back into the lives of chronic pain sufferers – we know it’s possible! Here we present a Guide for pain-free travel for summer vacation:

Dealing with Luggage

Experts suggest that any lifting be done slowly and in stages. So in the case of getting suitcases into overhead bins, lift very slowly and take breaks by resting the baggage on the seat, and then on top of the back of a seat, before lifting it all the way up to the overhead compartment. General rules for lifting and handling also apply:

  • Use the legs to lift and not the back,
  • Always bend at the knees,
  • Distribute the weight to each side of the body as evenly as possible,
  • Switch sides that carry the weight
  • Carry heavy items close to the body


Take pillows with you on your trip. Pillows come in especially handy when you are sitting down for long periods of time, such as on plain, train, and auto travel. They not only provide comfort but also boost proper sitting, and are versatile, can be used for added comfort under your bottom, or as support around the neck, or support for the back when placed behind the back. Look up travel sites and reviews on best pillows for various purposes, or an overall good buy is a soft down pillow.

Move, move, move around

Getting tensed up from sitting down for too long is not good for anyone especially for people with chronic pain. Give your muscles some exercise and get the blood circulating by moving around. There are many tutorials on how to get the most out of a little exercise in cramped spaces. Compression socks are also a great way to maintain proper blood flow thus reducing inflammation and cramping. Of course getting stale and tense from lack of movement doesn’t just happen while traveling to your destination, once you get there don’t get stuck sitting on the beach in the same position for hours at a time either. Go on walks, hikes, runs, and bike rides, utilize your hotel’s exercise facilities, take a resistance band with you from home and use it!

Massage and pain relief devices

Teach your companions to massage you a bit if your body needs it, or make a massage appointment at your hotel, or bring with you on the trip massage rollers, canes, or even better, an RF energy device specifically designed for pain relief. This way when you are feeling a flare up coming on or already happening you can meet it head-on. Solio Alfa Plus is an energy device that emits a combination of 3 energies: RF, LLC and IR. Those energies are able to penetrate to different depths and attack pain no matter the origin, by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation. Don’t forget to meditate, keep a healthy diet, wear supportive shoes, and stay hydrated! Happy and pain-free travels to everyone!

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