Inflammation – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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The term “inflammation” is widely known and commonly used, in fact, most people have probably even suffered from this at least once. But what exactly is inflammation? Why does it develop? what are the different types of inflammation?

The word inflammation comes from the Latin for “set on fire” and that is what happens in this inflammation process, we sense a “flammation” (burning), which manifests itself in an increase in body temperature and the immune system goes into fighting mode. There are different types of inflammation, each has its own characteristic mechanism of action and expression.

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Types of Inflammation

There are different ways to classify the types of inflammation: according to the causes of the inflammation, according to the severity of the results, the location of the inflammation in the body,or according to its modes of action.

Local Inflammation Vs General Inflammation

Local inflammation – is focused on a specific location in the body. For example, Tendonitis of the thumb, a condition that typists suffer from as a consequence of overworking the fingers, which activates the inflammatory process.

General inflammation – inflammation that involves many body systems. For example, a virus/bacterium that enters the body activates dedicated inflammatory cells (as part of the immunesystem). In this situation, the patient will suffer from a high fever and a rapid pulse, which may lead to insufficiency and damage to various body systems, which in an extreme case will cause death.

Acute Inflammation Vs Chronic Inflammation

Acute Inflammation – acute inflammation is a chain of processes that starts with increased blood flow to the affected area. This blood congestion is the cause of the local redness and heat which are one of the first signs of inflammation. In the next stage, the level of permeability of the wall of the local blood vessels increases, due to changes incurred in it.

In such a situation, a “leakage” of the blood fluid and its contents occurs from the blood vessels to the infected area. This directly results in edema and swelling. The swelling causes pressure on the local nerve endings and this is the source of the pain. This is how the classic signs of inflammation are created.

Chronic inflammation – occurs when the effect of damage to tissue is prolonged, or after the tissue is destroyed and a cavity is created. The disease can be compared to fire. Sufferers of Chronic

inflammation compare it to a fire that has subsided, but whispering embers linger in the fire. The embers may occasionally ignite into a strong fire or cause localized burns. When the embers are in a calm state, there is a state of  remission or respite in a chronic inflammatory disease and when the fire ignites, the disease is active or there is a flare-up of the disease.

Heat or cold – what is the most effective treatment for pain?

In cases of active inflammation, heating the area may worsen the inflammation or at least delay recovery. When suffering from swelling or redness, treating the area with an ice compress can reduce the amount of fluid and swelling.

However, once the inflammation is reduced, the heat can help with the stiffness and pain. Heat has a property that facilitates relaxation, anyone who has taken a warm and pampering shower at the end of the day can testify to that. Heat facilitates the movement of stiff muscles, tendons, and joints.

In cases of chronic pain such as in osteoarthritis, chronic inflammation of the back, or various other areas of the body, heat treatment can certainly relieve the pain and help treat the inflammation. Chronic inflammations often create a blockage of blood vessels in the surrounding area, heating the body’s deep tissues in the area of the inflammation causes the blood vessels to expand and the blockages around the inflammation to clear, thus reducing the inflammation from one treatment to the next, and in some cases even eliminating it.

We want to introduce you to the Solio Alfa device, an innovative Israeli development that is considered to be a trailblazer in Israel and around the world in the field of pain management. The Solio device uses three technologies: soft laser, infrared, and radio waves. The device stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms while penetrating deep tissues. In other words, the device is used for reducing pain and treating the root of the problem. It is a natural home treatment that has no side effects. You can perform the treatment yourself; it is that simple and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

How does radio wave therapy work?

The use of radio waves for pain treatment has become popular in recent years, especially in pain clinics in Israel and around the world. This technology is based on the activation of high-frequency radio waves that cause the deep tissue to heat up. This method has gained high popularity recently due to being a treatment with few side effects and possible complications. Sometimes the patient will feel the improvement immediately and, in some cases, it takes up to
three weeks to feel the improvement.

Solio Technology - bipolar radiofrequency

Until not long ago, devices of this kind were large and cumbersome and were only found in physical therapy centers and pain clinics, but the “Solio Alpha Cure Plus” home device has changed the picture, and it offers all three technologies together in one package. Thanks to this Israeli development and local blue-and-white production, you can get rid of the painkillers and also save a lot of time that was previously spent making appointments for physical

therapy or pain clinics and switch to treatment with an innovative device that offers a natural, non- invasive treatment and most importantly, has no side effects at all.

* If there is swelling or heat in the affected area, do not use the device at this stage, only use the device once the swelling and heat subside.

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