Injury Pain Relief

Injury Pain ReliefPhysical Injury can happen anytime and any place; slipping and falling, getting hurt in a car accident, or getting injured while playing sports are just some examples of how common physical injury is, and the subsequent pain that develops as a result of it.While injuries are easy to get, they might not be as easy to get rid of, and the consequences can be numerous such as severe pain, limitations in physical function, occupational impairment, psychological distress, with the most severe being permanent disability or death. Therefore it is important to really listen to the signals and signs the body is sending, such as the type of pain, the condition of the injured area, and the like. It is important to be able to distinguish when a doctor’s visit is necessary or at-home remedies can be applied for injury pain relief and treatment.A good gauge for figuring out pain symptoms is – if the pain lasts for more than 10 to 14 days, or if it’s very sudden or severe – then visit a doctor, otherwise, there are things you can do to help your recovery:Rest – first always rest whatever body part was hurt. Try not to aggravate it further with activity, just let it sooth itself.Ice – Icing will help with inflammation that tends to develop with most injuries, as well as initial pain relief. Icing sessions should be kept to 15 to 20 minutes throughout the day so as not to damage the skin or cause frostbite.Stretch – after a day or so start to gently stretch out and work your muscles and joints through their full range of motion (if possible) to reduce stiffness and help recovery. Do so several times a day.Heat – start applying heat to the affected area after a couple of days to encourage blood circulation which will speed up healing.Slowly resume activity – Once you’ve let your body rest a bit, start getting back into the rhythm of your everyday activities. Letting your muscles, bones, and joints remain inactive for too long will negatively affect the healing process.Laser Energy – Consider utilizing a home-use energy permeating device such as Solio Alfa Plus, it offers pain relief as well as aids in healing the underlying problem. The pain alleviating device emits 3 powerful energies: RF, IR, and LLLT directed at various depths within the body to reach the site of the injury and pain, thereby treating the symptoms and causes of the pain.Solio Alfa Plus energies fight inflammation by increasing blood circulation thereby drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. It also improves joint stability by promoting collagen production, and it blocks sensory nerve cells, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing pain.Massage therapy – if you are continuing to experience stiffness, try to aid your muscles and joints through a massage.Diet – your body is fighting to get you better so help yourself in every way you can by eating the right foods. Processed foods that are high in preservatives, salt, and sugar are to be avoided. Eat more foods with anti-inflammatory properties and drink lots of water for proper hydration.
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