Joint Pain Causes & Treatment Options

Man suffering from joint pain
Joint Pain Causes & Treatment OptionsAnyone who has had joint pain, knows all too well, the kinds of challenges, discomfort, and strain that it causes. Not to mention the toll that it takes on the body and mind. The pain itself could be a result of any number of causes such as injury, trauma, infection, or disease, arthritis being a leading example.The affected tissues are generally the joint bone itself as well as the ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscle near the joint. Joint inflammation, which includes all the surrounding tissues, is the most typical outcome of joint issues and its main symptom is pain, which can range from simply bothersome to excruciating. Therefore an effective joint pain treatment has to be implemented in order to, not only alleviate the pain in order to be able to function but also to treat the underlying cause so that the problem does not develop further. Let’s take a deeper look at joint pain treatment identification : Consider the Type – There are many types of joint pain and it can manifest itself in various locations within the body. Knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle are just some of the examples where the pain one is feeling could be the result of a joint problem. And it can be due to a variety of reasons – inflammation, injury, infection, grout, effusion, various forms of arthritis, tendinitis, dislocation, and so many more. Target the Cause & the Pain – Before beginning a course of treatment for joint pain, one must consider the root cause of the problem. Often the underlying cause will require a protracted treatment routine that is essential for the ultimate cure, yet a separate treatment might be required to tackle the pain itself while the underlying cause is still present. While separate treatments might be required, it’s also possible to find a treatment that will tackle both issues in one. This point should be carefully considered and researched. For example, a medication that attacks the root of a problem is likely to solve the issue over a long period of time, and will most likely require a separate pain medication, or other treatment. Laser energy therapy such as Solio Alfa Plus provides both immediate alleviation of joint pain as well as offer treatment for the underlying cause. It utilizes three contrasting energy sources for the treatment – bipolar radio frequency (RF) energy, low light laser therapy (LLLT) energy, and infrared (IR) heat energy. Bipolar RF energy deeply penetrates the joints promoting blood circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the affected area and increases collagen production, which shrinks and tightens cells to improve joint stability and healing. LLLT energy helps muscle spasms, increases protein production to reduce inflammation and promote tissue repair. IR heat energy effectively treats stiffness and reaches deep for cell activation and repair. Treatment Side effects – Another point which should be carefully taken into account is what side effects do the various treatment options have? Pain medications tend to be highly addictive, one has to consider if this is a risk worth taking. Is the treatment or medication that is being considered putting you at a high risk of developing another disease, for example, liver problems tend to arise after some medications. The ideal scenario is to minimize various medications or treatments in order to lower the number of side effects, pick the least dangerous options and yet maximize the treatment effectiveness. This is why finding a trusted, experienced, and a knowledgeable doctor is so important. Treatment process – Once the treatment option has been chosen it is important to follow the process to the end to finally have a lasting cure. While going through the treatment it is no less important to follow all the instructions, be they from your doctor, physical therapist, clinician, or treatment specialist. This could just involve medication instructions or also possibly diet augmentation, physical activity improvements, and lifestyle changes. People can experience different types of joint pain anywhere in the body, but the good news is that a solution can be found!  With a bit of research, dedication and the right treatment even joint pain can be resolved!
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