Lower Back Pain – Don’t Let It Keep You Down!

Mature man with lower back pain standing in the gym at hospital
Lower Back Pain - Don’t Let It Keep You Down!Ever bend down to pick up a heavy load and then just as you are on your way back up something happens and down you go again. That something is excruciating pain – it comes on strong, fast and abrupt. The culprit is the lower back, beyond that you have no idea, but it doesn’t matter much since you are out for the count either way.Low back pain is a ubiquitous problem, almost everyone will have had it in their lifetime, and it is one of the top reasons cited for missed work.Lower back, also known as the lumbar region is responsible for holding the body upright by supporting the upper body, allowing it motion such as bending and twisting, and it serves as the central dispatch and command for all the nerves and muscles that connect to the pelvis, legs, and feet.The most common problems that occur in the lumbar region are injury to the muscles, ligaments/tendons, joints, or discs causing inflammation to occur (which is actually the body’s healing response). Due to the interconnection of the nerves in the spinal structure and its supporting soft tissues, it is often very difficult to tell what the underlying cause is. For example, if the injury is a pulled muscle or a damaged disc the resulting pain and inflammation are identical and are in the same area. The only way to really know the cause is to observe the duration of the pain. Muscles and ligaments/tendons heal relatively fast, while joints and discs typically take a longer time to get back to normal.While these issues are not life-threatening, one might even say minor, the resulting pain can be very severe, as most of us already know. The majority of these injuries will heal themselves with time and don’t require a visit to the doctor unless you don’t feel any improvement after 3 days or the pain and inflammation is accompanied by other seemingly unrelated symptoms.While this is good news we still have to live with the pain, in some instances acute pain, and minimizing downtime is a big consideration as well, we have our lives to live after all. So it’s essential to have a plan of action for assisting the body in the healing process. Here is what you can do at home:
  1. Immediately following injury take a day or 2 of rest – minimize activity in order not to aggravate the situation further. Do not prolong this period of inactivity, after a few days start getting back to normal, too much stagnation will deteriorate the muscles.
  2. Alternate heat and ice therapy – Apply a heating pad, or any version of heat, to the pain emitting area to relax muscles and improve blood flow, which supplies the damaged area with nutrients and oxygen for faster healing. On the other hand ice packs, or any version of cold, will help to reduce inflammation and swelling.
  3. When necessary take pain medications – When the pain relief doesn’t come fast enough and immediate relief is needed, over the counter medications can help.
  4. Try a more powerful and more comprehensive pain eliminating and healing solution – Solio Alfa Plus pain relieving device that also facilitates faster healing. It features innovative technology that synchronizes 3 energy sources; RF Energy, LLLT Energy, IR Heat Energy each targeting different origins of pain at varying depths to relieve all pain by increasing collagen production that fixes damaged fibers, and increases blood circulation. Deep heating creates an optimal healing environment that accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, aches, stiffness, and pain.
Lower back pain doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks! If you tackle it head-on with the right tools at your disposal, you will be back on your feet in no time!Solio Alfa Plus pain relief area – BackRelated Posts
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