Pain Management

Pain Management

Who here has heard the term NSAIDs?

We are willing to bet that most of the people reading this have, after all, the title of this post is “Managing Pain”. However, for the lucky few who have not, this abbreviation (of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) refers to pain medications that reduce pain, decrease fever and inflammation, and more, think aspirin, ibuprofen, and the like. These anti-inflammatory and anti-pain medications are very helpful for a lot of people suffering from pain. However, they are not a real solution for those suffering from pain that has to be controlled on a daily basis for extended periods of time, such as chronic pain sufferers. They are simply too powerful for everyday use. Prolonged use can damage your gut lining, the problems that may arise from this are ulcers, bleeding, or holes in the stomach intestine. NSAIDs also increase the risk for heart attack and stroke, FDA even issued a warning back in 2005, which it strengthened in 2015, that the risk of stroke and heart attack go up significantly within the first week of use, and only intensifies the longer you use it. Another point to consider: NSAIDs don’t help heal the underlying cause, they just mask the symptoms by relieving the pain. But there are other options for chronic or prolonged pain sufferers – non-invasive and natural pain relief techniques for management, control, and even elimination.

Non-invasive and natural pain management

Cold and Heat Therapy for Pain

This technique is the basics of pain relief, as anyone who has had more than one injury can tell you.  The change from hot to cold and back again triggers anti-inflammatory activity, and the compression decreases blood flow, which also helps to decrease inflammation and swelling. You can use your own hot and cold packs or more powerful versions are available from physical therapists.

Exercise for Pain Relief

Staying active is essential in reducing pain. It increases blood circulation and releases endorphins both of which help the body not feel pain. Strenuous exercise is not necessary, simple aerobic activities like swimming, walking, or cycling are great for getting you out of your rut and moving. Also, don’t forget the positive effect exercise has on the psyche and the positive effect of that on pain relief.

Try Pain Relief Device

A powerful, non-invasive, pain reducing energy device can penetrate deep inside the body to increase blood circulation right at the source of the problem and eradicate the pain. One such device is Solio Alfa Plus, it utilizes proven technology that combines 3 energies, RF, IR, and LLC to fight pain at its source no matter how deep. Beyond the pain relief, it also speeds up the healing process by stimulating the soft tissue, or joint, or bone that caused the pain in the first place.

Relaxation Techniques for Pain

Here we are referring to mind and body techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, even yoga, and many others. The proven benefits these methods provide to help with pain relief are control of mind over body and de-stressing (stress worsens pain) as we explained in much deeper detail in our Meditation and Mindfulness post.

Massage for Pain Relief

Massages are a great way to help relieve pain. Not only is the physical effect of massages extremely helpful in the aim of relieving pain, but also the psychological aspects of massages are very helpful in pain elimination. In terms of the mind, massages help to relax, destress, and decrease anxiety and frustration, all pain intensifying feelings. On the physical side of it, massages relieve the tension in the muscles, joints, and other tissues, as well as the act of massaging the body increases blood circulation.
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