Pain relief devices: Solio Alfa Plus vs Omron

Solio Alfa Plus device

Review of Omron Tens Unit Compared to Solio Alfa Plus

Suffering from pain? Available pain relief technologies are offered in medical settings, such as a doctor’s or physical therapist’s office or at home. Choosing a home pain relief device allows you to self-manage and relieve pain at home, at work, and sometimes on-the-go. These pain relief machines are helpful and easy to use, with no doctor appointments or medicines necessary. They do not contradict other treatments and can be used in addition to your regular pain regimen.
To help you choose your pain management device, we compared two leading home-use devices utilizing different technologies: Omron TENS unit and Solio Alfa Plus.

Solio Alfa Plus on

Solio Alfa Plus vs. Omron Tens Unit

  Solio Alfa Plus Omron
Radio Frequency Yes No
InfraRed Yes No
Soft Laser (LLLT) Yes No
Red Light Yes Yes
Therapeutic Penetration 25mm / 1 inch Electric pulses, no penetration
Heat Up to 44 °C / 111°F Some models with low heat surface

About home-use pain relief devices

Pain of all types takes a toll. Pain relief devices for home use provide an effective way for many to treat their pain and live better.
Home-use devices can be helpful in treating various types of pain:

  1. Chronic pain relief
  2. Sports pain
  3. Trauma pain
  4. Menstrual pain
  5. Muscle pain

Although results may vary depending on the individual, the condition and the device, users of home-use pain relief devices report significant pain relief and faster healing.
Some of the advantages Solio and Omron devices have in common:

  • Self-administered
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Non invasive
  • Painless
  • No need for prescription
  • Drug free
  • No side effects
  • Safe
  • Can be applied on different parts of the body to provide relief

Solio Alfa Plus and Omron TENS unit both aim to assist users eliminate or at least reduce their intake of pain medications, and improve their quality of life.


Omron TENS unit and Solio Alfa Plus differ in the type of technology they offer. Omron TENS units utilize electrotherapy, while Solio uses radiofrequency (RF) and light therapy that also produce heat.

Omron TENS unit

Omron TENS units utilize electrotherapy. According to Omron’s website, the Omron TENS devices offer pain relief for sore or aching muscles of the lower back, shoulder, arm, leg and more.

Electrical Energy

TENS, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a technology that administers low voltage electrical current to the skin to create nerve stimulation and trigger pain relief response. There are several ways to deliver the electrical stimulation from the TENS unit to the body, such as electrodes that are placed on the skin around or near the area treated for pain. The electrical impulses are believed to reduce the body’s ability to transmit pain signals, thus helping to reduce pain.
TENS units are effective for some people, but the level and duration of pain relief changes from person to person. Some users experience relief almost immediately after the device is on, which stops shortly after treatment, while others continue to experience pain relief up to 24 hours after use. As they stimulate nerves, most TENS devices can modulate intensity, frequency, and duration to administer an appropriate level of pain relief.

Solio Alfa Plus

Solio is a therapy device that uses a unique 3-E technology: RF, IR and LLLT, three energy sources working together for best results, with IR energy including both infrared and red light.
Bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF) Energy – Deeply penetrating technology that reaches the muscles and joints. RF energy blocks sensory nerve cells, eliminating or significantly reducing pain. At the same time, swelling is neutralized and reduced.
Solio Technology - bipolar radiofrequency
Infrared (IR) Heat Energy – Dual Optical energy is a combination of Infra-Red and red spectrum light for the treatment of skin and pain stiffness.
Solio Technology InfraRed Heat Energy
Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) Energy – LLLT can treat pain and temporary inflammation, as well as help release muscle spasms.
Solio Technology LED Light Energy
Through the patented synergy of 3-Energy sources, Solio Alfa Plus offers pain relief and treatment for a wider variety of issues, with each of the 3 energies directed at a different depth within the body. Solio’s energy sources produce a heat up to 44 °C (111°F) and penetrates 11-30mm into the skin, not only offering pain relief but treating the source of pain. There, Solio Alfa’s 3-E stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms, increasing blood circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, accelerating tissue regeneration, and reducing inflammation and pain.
Pain Relief | Deep Tissues Treatment
Solio Alfa Plus may help chronic pain, such as chronic back pain, chronic neck pain and chronic joint pain. It may also alleviate the pain that results from various conditions such as period pain, sports injuries, arthritis, endometriosis, and other conditions.

Pain Relief

Both TENS and Solio Alfa Plus are applied at the site of the pain. Solio Alfa Plus is able to alleviate pain both on the skin surface and deeper into the body, reaching muscle, joint, bone and other soft tissue levels. As a result, it helps treat both pain and the cause of pain. The TENS electric current affects only the nerves.


Solio Alfa Plus is safe to use for everyone. TENS devices are generally considered safe. However, they are not safe for some people, such as people with heart problems. People who have electrical devices (such as pacemaker), people who suffer from epilepsy or pregnant women. There have been a few reports of people getting mild electrical burns due to improper use of their TENS devices. Some people may also experience uncomfortable sensation on the skin from the device.


While the use of TENS has proved effective in clinical studies, there is a lack of conclusive scientific studies and clinical trials, and there is controversy over which conditions the TENS device should be used to treat. Studies on Solio Alfa Plus have shown to be effective at relieving and treating pain, with the combination of the 3-E working together delivering the best results.

FDA Clearance

Omron electrotherapy pain relief unit is FDA-cleared, as is Solio Alfa Plus.
Solio is the first RF pain management device to be FDA-cleared for pain relief.

Therapy Sessions

Both Omron and Solio Alfa Plus are applied at the site of the pain for the therapeutic treatment. The length of home therapy sessions varies by device.
Omron: sessions last about 15 minutes, with a maximum of 3 sessions per day. Stop therapy session if the pain has reduced or stopped, or in case of an adverse reaction, such as redness.
Solio: sessions last 15-20 minutes for maximum pain relief benefits, once a day per area.

Omron TENS Reviews & Solio Alfa Plus Reviews

Customer reviews of Omron TENS unit show people who report pain relief, although aware the unit does not heal but curbs pain. Some customers report pain returns after a short while.
Solio Alfa Plus customers report great pain relief. Professionals, for example a physical therapist, recommend the unit to clients. Athletes like world champion (Beijing 2015) triple-jump Hanna Kneibze-Minnko, who had to seek treatment for injury, testifies Solio Alfa Plus had helped her greatly in relieving pain and “has contributed to faster healing of the affected area”.


Solio and Omron pain relief devices for home use both aim to help people reduce pain, and enjoy a better quality of life, drug-free.
The devices by both companies are portable home-use devices that are easy to operate, but Solio offers 3 energy sources and accelerated healing, while Omron offers ones or two, depending on the device. Deeper penetration with RF technology allows Solio to treat pain at its source, and the synergy of different sources of energy makes it more effective and pain relief more significant.


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