Proven Strategies For Dealing With Chronic Pain

Pain management
Proven Strategies For Dealing With Chronic PainWhether it is lower back pain, or neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, or muscle pain, chronic pain in any form just goes on and on with no end in sight, making the sufferer feel not only exhausted from the constant aching but also hopeless for relief.Any pain that continues for at least 3 months after treatment is considered to be chronic pain. Chronic pain can go on for weeks, or months, or even years, and oftentimes there isn’t a treatment to be had, at least not one that can swiftly solve the issue. since the underlying cause has already been treated and healed.One way of putting it is: with chronic pain the body has its signals crossed and they keep going in loops, pain signals keep being sent by the nervous system and received by the brain which in turn encourages the production of more pain signals to be received by the brain – a never-ending cycle. So, as you can see, it becomes essential to come up with a game plan for living with pain, at least until the body catches up with itself, by itself or with medical intervention.We’ve gathered strategies that you can implement in your daily life to improve how you feel both mentally and physically and gain a better handle on chronic pain management for a better quality of life:Accept – acknowledging the situation you have found yourself in is the first step in learning to deal with it. If you continue denying that you are in a chronic state of pain, you will not be able to formulate solutions to the problem. Acceptance also involves admitting to and letting yourself feel angry or sad about the situation, just remember – don’t start placing blame on yourself, it isn’t true or productive, it is what it is and now it’s time to move forward and make best of an unfortunate situation.Asses – positively and productively assess your life, what are you doing to help yourself instead of falling into a negative cycle both mentally and physically? Are you sleeping enough, are you eating well, are you taking care of yourself in general? Are you partaking in healthy activities? Note down what you are currently doing and see what activities are contributing to improving your life and what is hindering it. Of course, those activities that are hindering should be cut out as soon as possible!Action – now it’s time for a plan of action. There are 3 aspects that should be considered: how to lessen your pain, and how to improve your overall physical and mental states. Of course, all of these are intertwined and any one affects the other two.Let’s start with attacking the pain – since you have been diagnosed with chronic pain by a doctor you have probably already tried everything the doctor has suggested, if not you probably should, and if you have it’s time to try something new. An at-home laser energy pain relief therapy is a clinical, non-drug treatment that can ease or even eliminate chronic pain. Solio Alfa Plus device, unlike other similar pain relief device therapies, produces a combination of 3 powerful energies RF, IR, LLLT that are able to treat the surface layer as well as penetrate deep into the tissue to the muscles and joints to provide thorough pain relief. Specifically, in the cases of chronic pain, Solio Alfa Plus energy reaches down to and blocks sensory nerve cells, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing pain. The emitted energy also speeds up the healing process by increasing blood circulation and collagen production, which in turn reduce pain further.Other actions, that have been proven to relieve pain symptoms, as well as improve overall physical and mental well being are:
  • Massage, Exercise, De-stress, Meditation, Healthy Diet, Acupuncture, Sleep
Reinforce – Keep implementing your action plan and don’t get thrown off by a bad (read: awfully painful) day, we all have those, take some time off to regroup and even have a moment of self-pity if needed, and then get back to the game-plan. And always remember, nothing is permanent, even this too shall pass!
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