Shoulder Pain, When To Worry

Shoulder Pain, When To Worry

What is Normal Shoulder Pain

Have you ever been in pain and wondered – Is this normal, or should I be worried? Do I need to go to the doctor, or is this something that I can just apply an ice/heat pack to? WHAT SHOULD I BE LOOKING OUT FOR? Physical pain is pretty common, however, the nature and level of pain are quite varied, and often times we have trouble knowing when pain is not serious, and when its an indication of a real problem that has to be checked out by a doctor. For this reason, we decided to outline exactly when to be concerned and when to chill out. And because we want to be extra helpful, we decided to choose one of the most common types – shoulder pain. Because let’s face it, shoulder injury, dislocation, pulled shoulder muscle, and more, are super common and almost everyone has had shoulder issues at least once in their life. The shoulder joint is the most mobile of all joints in the body, and due to this fact it is more susceptible to issues such as injury and pain. Shoulder pain can result from a variety of issues and what you feel may indicate what the origin and level of the problem is. If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of the shoulder, and causes and treatments of shoulder pain, see our previous blog – Shoulder Pain Causes, Treatments. And now let’s break down the types of shoulder pain:

Levels Of Shoulder Pain:

The Low-level Shoulder Pain – Chill Out!

When you feel slight pain when moving your arm/shoulder such as when playing sports, reaching up and so on. This is typically caused by inflamed tendons in your shoulder due to overuse and is called mild bursitis (bursitis is a thin layer that covers the tendons, it swells and causes irritation and pain when it itself is irritated) or tendonitis. The cure here is the elimination of unnecessary or strenuous activity by the shoulder and the use of mild anti-inflammatories, as well as posture improving exercises. Another, even more effective, option is to use a pain relieving heat energy device such as Solio Alfa Plus. Solio Alfa Plus releases 3 powerful energies RF, LLLT and IR, each targeting different pain sources to reduce inflammation, muscle and joint aches, and stiffness and pain.

The Medium-level Shoulder Pain – Reassess!

When the pain is persistent and remains even after an activity is finished, or you feel pain with every movement of the shoulder no matter how small. This means that the inflammation is pretty serious and typically implies structural injuries such as tears or early arthritis. In these instances, it is best to see a doctor so that the cause, problem, course of action, and treatment can be determined. Physical therapy might be needed, as well as injections and other medications. In order to help with the pain, Solio Alfa Plus may be used as it is natural and non-invasive, therefore it does interfere with any of your doctors’ treatments.

The High-level Shoulder Pain – Code Red!

When pain radiates from the shoulder down the arm or up the neck, or you can’t sleep at night due to the pain, or if the pain does not improve after about a month of treatment/therapy then you have a real problem on your hands (pun intended). In these cases, a full evaluation is in order, with physical exams, x-rays, and MRIs, as there are a multitude of injuries that can cause this type of pain. Often times a procedure (outpatient or even surgery) will be required for full recovery. Of course, the recommendations from the mid-level shoulder pain section may also apply here based on your doctor’s evaluation. Solio Alfa Plus may help for pain relief under these circumstances as well.
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