Tennis Elbow Treatment

Despite the name, tennis elbow injury has very little to do with tennis, one doesn’t even need to be an athlete to get tennis elbow. It happens as a result of repetitive strenuous motions of the arm and wrist, for example, butchers, painters, carpenters and yes, tennis players have a high instance of tennis elbow.This repetitive strain injury can be quite painful even excruciating and affects 1 in 3 people. It is the result of strain or even partial tear, which causes inflammation of the tendon tissues that connect the muscles to the elbow joint. This happens because those muscles and tendons are overburdened by continuous and repetitive motions. The pain can be intense, but if tennis elbow injury is caught in time and is properly treated and given rest, it can heal without issues, however, if one does not adhere to the strict treatment regimen the condition will continue, worsen, and possibly even become chronic, then the only solution will be surgery.So how do you catch it in time? Well, the first step is to know the signs and symptoms of Tennis Elbow or lateral epicondylitis as it is known in the medical field. You will not be able to see any physical signs – no swelling, redness, rash or bruising occur with this injury. The only signs to look out for are the various types pain:
  • Sudden onset of pain on the outside of the elbow
  • Severe pain when shaking hands or squeezing objects
  • Pain that intensifies as you use your wrist to do everyday activities, like brushing your hair or teeth.
In order to diagnose tennis elbow, you will have to visit your physician who can diagnose it by observing the pain signs and use his training and experience, since no medical tests, such as blood tests or X Rays, can identify it.Tennis elbow treatment is quite simple for the most part, rest for the arm and wrist is the number one recommendation to help heal the injury. While simple, it is often difficult to accomplish as our arms and hands are necessary in our day to day lives. Other treatments include ice/heat therapy, which involves interchanging icing the elbow and then applying heat to it, this helps bring down the inflammation, as well as doing stretching exercises, getting the arm massaged, and wearing a brace or a sleeve to provide extra support. While all the above will prove effective over time and help heal tennis elbow, they do require some time to show results, something that is often at a premium. Most people can’t give up the use of their hands for days, if not weeks. Not to mention suffering from the intense pain of tennis elbow while waiting for the healing process to heal the injury.In these cases, there is another tennis elbow remedy, an at-home laser energy emitting device such as Solio Alfa Plus, that can be used to help speed up the healing process, and most importantly eliminate the pain in the process. Solio Alfa Plus alleviates pain and helps treat the torn and inflamed tendons, by increasing the blood flow to the affected area and controlling the inflammation, thereby easing the tenderness, weakness, and pain in the elbow.
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