The benefits to using Solio Therapy

It’s hard to see our loved ones hurt. When your husband suffers from chronic back pain or your daughter sprains her ankle during soccer practice, you feel their pain and ache to help beyond applying ice or giving pain meds.How great would it be to be able to give them something that will alleviate the pain for the long haul, not just for the next few hours. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them feeling better again and off the couch, maybe even helping you around the house.Seeing people around you in pain doesn’t have to make you feel helpless, the power to help them is in your hands. A new technology is taking over the pain alleviating market and it doesn’t involve needles, surgery, physical therapy, or addictive pain medications.The technology has been around for a while – doctors, clinics, and even NASA have all used it, but only recently has it been perfected for at-home use. This technology works to alleviate pain by emitting one of three types of heat energy that penetrate the body to relieve pain. There is, however, a new, innovative device on the market that combines all 3 energy sources to work together to eliminate pain, stimulate blood circulation and improve the healing process and it’s called Solio Therapy!Solio Therapy Relief synergizes 3 energy mechanisms that emit powerful heat waves, each targeting separate origins of pain at different depths, and fosters optimal healing to accelerate tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation, muscle aches, stiffness, and pain. The device operates RF Energy, LLLT Energy, IR Heat Energy to provide immediate relief from sports and trauma injuries, regular aches and pains, muscle, joint, and menstrual cramps as well as chronic pain conditions.
  • Bi-polar Radio Frequency (RF) Energy – reaches deep to muscles and joints far within the body to treat the origin of the pain.
  • LLLT Energy – treats muscle spasms.
  • IR Heat Energy – remits dual wavelengths for treating pain and stiffness
The benefits to using Solio Therapy are many:
  • Results can be immediate – one can experience pain relief in minutes after starting use.
  • It is non-invasive and painless – no surgery, no needles, no cracking bones at the chiropractor’s office
  • Is drug-free and non-addictive
  • Can be used on any part of the body
  • Unlike other devices, you can use it on hot, swollen areas that were diagnosed as inflamed
  • It is the only FDA Cleared pain relief device that combines 3 energy emitting technologies.
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