Frequently Asked Questions

The Solio Therapy line leads the way in innovative home therapy solutions to treat various medical conditions using energy-based devices.

How to use Solio Alfa Plus to relieve pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Solio Alfa Plus is FDA-cleared, prescription free, and doctor recommended.

While it can vary, you may experience relief from the very first use. However, it may take a few sessions to fully realize the pain relief and healing benefits of Solio Alfa Plus.*

Yes, you are free to use it wherever you feel the need.

Recommended use is one session per day.*

Yes. Many use the device to complement other therapies, such as physiotherapy. In fact, it can even increase their effectiveness.*

No, you don’t need a prescription. You can purchase Solio Alfa Plus directly from our website.

Yes, it is safe to use with your pain medication. As pain is relieved, you may gain drug-free relief and ultimate relief. However, in case of doubt, please check with your healthcare professional.*

Yes. It usually lasts until the next session, and after a few sessions you frequently experience a lasting improvement or cure.*

The stimulation warms the treated area.*

Yes. It’s an FDA-cleared device that has proven to be a safe and effective way to treat some forms of pain.

There are no known side effects. You may experience some mild skin irritation, and treat it with a soothing cream if you feel the need.

The Slider Gel is a conductive gel essential for the treatment. It has a moisture rich formula that is pleasant to the skin. Gel is transparent and contains no harmful chemicals or fragrance.