Golfer’s pain: Everything you wanted to know

Whether you call if “golfer’s elbow” or “tennis elbow”, this sharp pain cannot be mistaken. These pains do not only affect golfers or tennis players, but they may also impact any of us.

“Golfer’s Elbow” is actually the name of the product of an inflammation known as Lateral Epicondylitis. And, as the name suggests, it involves the elbow area.

Doctors recommendations for soliotherapy to relife pain

What causes “golfer’s elbow” pains?

Golfer’s elbow pain results from inflammations that develop due to overloads and intense activity of the wrists and fingers. And the more numerous and continuous these are – the greater the chance of getting golfer’s elbow. The loads and the intense effort exert heavy pressure on the tendons and cause tendon inflammation. Another reason for golfer’s elbow is as the name of the pain suggests, many golfers play with incorrect technique causing damage to their tendons. The result: pain, and in some cases also tears in the tendons and local atrophy.

What does golfer’s elbow pain feel like?

Golfer’s elbow, as opposed to tennis elbow, is felt in the lower part of the elbow and not in the upper part like in tennis elbow. Golfer’s elbow is accompanied by sharp pains, mainly in the inner/lower part of the elbow, sometimes even radiating to the forearm and palm area. These pains start gradually and not suddenly as tennis elbow pains are characterized. You will feel the pain when performing simple, everyday actions, and it becomes aggravated. Sometimes, you will feel stiffness in your fingers and palm and sometimes numbness in your fingers.

How is golfer’s elbow pain diagnosed?

Not every pain in the elbow means inflammation of this type. However, pain that does not go away will require a medical examination – and a diagnosis accordingly. You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience swelling, redness, or extreme sensitivity to the touch. In some cases, a physical examination will require a supplement examination, such as an ultrasound examination or additional imaging. Incidentally, a similar pain, which appears precisely in the inner/upper area of the elbow, is called “tennis elbow”.

How long will I experience the pain in my elbow?

Just as it surprised you when it stated, the pain may also disappear spontaneously. The numbers, in regard to self-healing from Golfer’s Elbow, refer to a period of 4-12 moths, with only a minority of cases lasting about 2 years or more. However, even if you have recovered, the syndrome may recur in the future.

How is the pain treated? Is there an advanced device that can help?

As mentioned, the problem may go away by itself. However, in this situation, it is important to rest, but of course – do not completely halt all activity. One of the solutions is to use a brace that allows the forearm area to rest. In any case, you should avoid the actions and movements that cause pain.

Frozen compresses can also provide quite an effective solution (at least 3-4 times a day, for a few minutes each time). Painkillers and even steroid injections may provide additional assistance if needed, along with a referral to physical therapy, and in rare extreme cases, surgical intervention will be required.

As an effective, quick, and simple treatment, it is very worthwhile to consider experimenting with advanced and proven radio wave technology.

“Solio Alfa Cure Plus” is an innovative, user-friendly device and it is incredibly small and convenient in size. Additionally, “Solio Alfa Cure Plus” is the only device that combines three energies, including radio waves! The radio waves penetrate deep into the tissues and heat them – thus, the device both relieves the pain and contributes to a fast and efficient healing process deep in the tissues.

The recommended treatment should be done for only about 15-20 minutes, once a day, for 10-20 days.

Usually, you will be able to feel the effect of the device after only a few treatments.

“Solio Alfa” is designed for effective treatment of a wide variety of pains in our body (but not all of them, of course. Please refer to the consumer leaflet or the information found on this website). The pain healing process is very perceptible, thanks to the combination of technologies and the feeling of heat that penetrates deep into the elbow and forearm.

How is golfer’s elbow pain treated with “Solio Alfa Cure Plus”?

The treatment area is on the inside of the elbow, from the elbow line to halfway to the wrist.

Method of treatment: apply a thin layer of gel on the device, place it on the area being treated and start sliding the device over the entire treatment area shown in the picture for 15-20 minutes once a day per area. Treatment with the device at level 3 (you must watch the instructional video before using the device for the first time). If you feel excessive heat during the treatment, you can slightly increase the treatment area so that the heat is distributed over a larger area.

It is necessary to keep treatment up once a day in order to benefit from the optimal result from the treatment. Do not stand still in one place. Maintain slow constant movements during the entire duration of the treatment.

how to treat golfers elbow pain

how to treat goflers elbow with solio


It is important to note that with tennis elbow it takes a longer time to feel a significant improvement, unlike other areas of the body where you can already feel a significant improvement in as little as 4-6 treatments. That is why we recommend continuing the treatment for a month and a half to two months for improvement and relief.

Coordination of expectations: once you locate the correct and most effective area of the treatment, you will feel relief after 10-20 treatments. Treatment should be continued until the pain is reduced.

It is also important to take care to rest the treated area during the treatment days and to avoid overload on the area.

How to prevent golfer’s elbow pain in the future

As already mentioned, if you need to repeatedly move your elbow, you should wear a special brace for support. Strengthening the forearm and elbow muscles will also definitely be beneficial.

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"I am familiar with the use of LLLT, LED and Bi-polar RF energies for a wide range of applications, especially in indications where reduction of inflammation and stimulation of healing are required. Therefore, I was not surprised when I came across the same combination of energies utilized for pain reduction and healing in Solio Alfa Plus – a self- treatment device. I recommended Solio Alfa Plus to some of my patients, as part of their post-surgery recovery regimen. All the patients who used Solio Alfa Plus reported smoother healing and shorter downtime following surgery."Stephen Mulholland, M.D. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, SpaMedica, Toronto, Canada

"I tried Solio Alfa Plus on a number of patients who are actively involved in sports and in tennis for the treatment of Tennis elbow(/lower back/neck). I was so impressed with the results that I decided to let all of my patients with complaints about pain try it too instead of various topical creams/drugs that I prescribe to them. Most of these patients experienced marked reduction of pain, and their healing time reduced significantly. They all reported that the device was very easy to use, and none of them reported side effects or adverse reactions."*Tina S. Alster, M.D.Director, Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University Medical Center

"In my dermatology practice, patients come to me with many different skin problems and resulting pains. As it happens, medications, be they topical, ingested or injected, are not always the best way to proceed, due to a particular patient’s allergies, or possible bad reactions, side effects, or any number of other reasons. In those cases, my patients have had very positive results after using Solio Alfa Plus therapy for alleviating various forms of topical skin pains. The device can also be used in conjunction with medications since it can assist the healing process and speed up pain relief. Because this device produces 3 energies - LLLT, IR and Bi-polar RF, it can target problems on the surface of the skin, as well as all the way down to the dermis layer of the skin, which means that Solio Alfa Plus is applicable to many of the problems that my patients suffer from". Judith Hellman MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Mt Sinai Hospital, NY, USA