Menstrual Pain

That time of the month arrived and you’re feeling paralyzed? All you need to know about menstrual pain.

Why it happens?

A common phenomena among 84% of women, is menstrual pain. 43% of women report they experience pain during every period and 41% report they experience pain during some periods. At least one in four women experiences distressing menstrual pain that requires additional medication and avoidance of work / study or social activities.

Menstrual cramps or period pain occur before and during a woman’s menstrual period and are felt mainly in the lower abdomen.
The uterus contracts during menstruation, in order to extract blood out through the cervix.

Coping with period pain:

Relax- tension and emotional stress can increase the chances of menstrual cramps and the resulting pain. Take a relaxing hot bath with aromatherapy oils, which are known for their calming effect..

Wear loose fitting clothing prior to your period and during. You should wear what’s comfortable as you’re most likely to feel bloated anyway.

Stretch out. Do gentle exercise like Yoga or Pilates. Yoga generates inner heat which makes it easier for the body to relax. Head to your met and simply do some lower back stretches to calm those muscles. Meditate and pay attention to your breathing, see what it does to you when you fully inhale and exhale.

Drink a lot of water – who knew right? Water doesn’t get rid of the pain but it surely helps when it comes to its intensity level. The more you drink the higher the chance you’ll crave less sweets.

Avoid alcohol, junk food and other cravings – other than what it might do to your face (breakouts) it can actually affect the intensity of your pain. Why?

Menstrual Pain Treatment

If it’s not enough and you feel like you need additional treatment for your pain, there are a few options.

Painkillers – can work well to relieve the pain, however they can be addictive and are chemical substabces that are entering your body.

Radio Frequency energy:

Radiofrequency is a term given to any alternating electrical current that creates an electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field propagates through space in the surrounding area creating energy.

There are many ways in which RF energy can be delivered into the skin. The most common way is monopolar, which means RF is delivered via a single probe placed on the skin with a grounding pad distant to this side. In Bipolar, RF is delivered from a probe win two electrodes placed over the treatment area.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether infrared light therapy could reduce chronic low back pain.

RF is the most commonly used source of energy to generate therapeutic levels of heat. RF is one of the most useful tools in the promotion of pain relief, wound healing and tissue generation.

Home RF Pain Device

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