Period Pain Treatment

Period Cramps Treatment – Solio Alfa Plus


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That time of the month again and you feel paralyzed?
There’s no reason for you to suffer!

Menstrual pain is widespread among women of fertility age.
During menstruation, the uterus contracts in order to extract blood out through the cervix. Menstrual pain is related to these contractions. Furthermore, the contractions also involve inflammation and secretion of propagandist, which increases the severity of the pain.
In addition, the strong contractions cause the small blood vessels that feed into the uterus to shrink, causing a temporary lack of blood supply (ischemia) which also leads to increased pain.

When used to relieve menstrual pain, Solio Alfa Plus raises the temperature in the uterus, helps reduce the contractions and contributes to muscle relaxation.
As a result, the pain diminishes and women whose lives are often disrupted by menstrual pain, can return to their normal routine.

* Disclaimer: individual results may vary.

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Paid relief deivce - solio alfa plus - FDA approved
Period Pain Treatment

The Technology

Solio Alfa Plus uses three different energy sources – each targeting a different depth to eliminate pain by treating its source, increasing circulation and accelerating the healing process:*

Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) – deep penetration technology that reaches the muscles and joints and increases blood circulation to cure the pain.

LLLT Energy – Treats skin pain / Light energy to treat skin pain

Dual Optical Energy – Light with dual wavelengths – Infra Red (IR) and red spectrum for treating skin pain and stiffness.

Solio Alfa Plus is an FDA Cleared home-use device.

Device includes slider gel for conductivity and effective energy penetration. 

Stop the pain! Try it today.

Solio Alfa Plus Specifications

Average Power:

Total radiation60-95 mW
LLLT/IR Radiation90 mW
Red LED’s Radiation50+ mW


LLLT/IR- near805-915 nm
IR – FarHeating purpose
Red Radiation620 nm

Technology power:RF – 24w1 mhzAdditional information:Focus 10 mm wide will be 2-3 cm and can spread the heat deeper into the skin layer by constant / focus the heat on certain area.

Heating temperature39-42 Celsius
Period Pain Treatment

How to use?

Solio Alfa Plus is lightweight and easy to use. 
1. Apply a thin layer of gel to clean, dry skin.
2. Press the control button.
3. Set the treatment mode to suit the type of pain and part of your body.
4. Move the treatment surface over the affected area in a circular motion. [You feel the skin warming up, which is the desired effect. For maximum safety, Solio Alfa Plus is equipped with a thermal sensor that measures the skin temperature and regulates the device.]5. Treat for 15-20 mins per treatment area, daily for up to 3 months. After that, treat the affected area up to twice a week.*

Treatment Mode Setup
Solio Alfa Plus has three treatment modes, to suit the type of pain and the part of the body being treated.

What should you expect
by using Solio pain relief

While it can vary, you may experience relief from the very first use.
However, it may take a few sessions to fully realize the pain relief and healing benefits of Solio Alfa Plus.

Please download the Solio Alfa manual guide for contraindications

Download Manual Guide

Ratings and Reviews

People who use Solio Alfa Plus

90% of 100

George D.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 14 weeks

“After buying and using Solio Alfa Plus I have no pain in my shoulder. When I feel like its tender, I immediately use it to prevent the pain. I couldn’t be happier.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

90% of 100

Clara T.
Gender: Female
Uses product for: 30 weeks

“We purchased Solio Alfa Plus almost a year ago and we are grateful we did. It’s great for pain management. It helped me with my sore hip and helped my husband with his lower back. I highly recommend it for older age.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

100% of 100

Michael J.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 8 weeks

“I had some everyday back pain and was worried it might turn into something chronic. I contacted the company and they were very helpful so I decided to purchase the device. I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks now and feel much better. I feel I made the healthy choice!”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

95% of 95

Chris B.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 10 weeks

“I was skeptical at first but after reading about the technology I felt more convinced. It’s been highly effective for my carpal tunnel and I’m off painkillers.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

100% of 100

Johanna A.
Gender: Female
Uses product for: 20 weeks

“I have used Solio Alfa Plus and was able to avoid surgery. I have no pain and nothing limits the use of my elbow anymore.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

95% of 100

Lora Q.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 3 weeks

“I use the device to treat my sore neck. My pain is not completely gone but it was greatly reduced. And it didn’t take long – it was almost immediate.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

95% of 100

Julie G.
Gender: Female
Uses product for: 8 weeks

“Solio Alfa Plus works like a charm. I had painful plantar fasciitis, and the pain affected me daily. I have tried a few different therapies before I found Solio. I felt pain relief after the very first treatment session. A few days later, and I forgot I was ever in pain. “

95% of 100

Frank D.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 5 weeks

“I use Solio to treat pain caused by a bulged disc. Relief is significant, and the pain is almost gone. And it didn’t take long - pain relief was almost instant.”

95% of 100

David T.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 3 weeks

“My life before and after Solio is completely different. It made my life so much better, and the pain is gone! It has been months of pain due to my herniated disc. It may be hard to believe, but it only took three days for me to get my life back. Thank you, Solio.”

Doctor ecommendation

  • 100% of 100

    Stephen Mulholland, M.D. / Plastic and reconstructive surgery, SpaMedica, Toronto, Canada.

    “I am familiar with the use of LLLT, LED and Bi-polar RF energies for a wide range of applications, especially in indications where reduction of inflammation and stimulation of healing are required. Therefore, I was not surprised when I came across the same combination of energies utilized for pain reduction and healing in Solio Alfa Plus – a self- treatment device. I recommended Solio Alfa Plus to some of my patients, as part of their post-surgery recovery regimen. All the patients who used Solio Alfa Plus reported smoother healing and shorter downtime following surgery.”*

  • 100% of 100

    Tina S. Alster, M.D. / Director, Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery – Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University Medical Center

    “I tried Solio Alfa Plus on a number of patients who are actively involved in sports and in tennis for the treatment of Tennis elbow(/lower back/neck). I was so impressed with the results that I decided to let all of my patients with complaints about pain try it too instead of various topical creams/drugs that I prescribe to them. Most of these patients experienced marked reduction of pain, and their healing time reduced significantly. They all reported that the device was very easy to use, and none of them reported side effects or adverse reactions.”*

  • 100% of 100

    Prof. Yoav Matan / Head of Orthopaedic Section, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hadassah Medical Center, Mount Scopus, Israel

    “Orthopedic conditions causing pain can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose, and those diagnosed can sometimes be difficult to treat without surgical measures that are normally reserved for only the most extreme of conditions. As a result, many of my patients are in constant search for non-surgical solutions to pain that will be effective, but will not create drug dependency. To examine an energy-based alternative, I decided to put Solio Alfa Plus to a preliminary test with 5 of my patients who suffer from chronic tennis elbow. The response was very encouraging. Not only did these patients report fewer episodes of pain with generally less pain, but also in follow-up tests – some of them demonstrated improvement/healing.”*