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Doctors recommendations for soliotherapy to relife pain

Solio Alfa Plus

We are proud to present Solio Alfa Plus A medical-grade home-use device that is clinically proven. No need for medications, surgery, or prescription.

A medical-grade home-use device that is clinically proven. No need for medications, surgery, or prescription.

Solio Alfa Plus is FDA-cleared and has a CE marking.

Whereas other devices, such as Quell, only offer TENS electrical therapy, Solio offers the patented synergy of 3-e, three energy sources: radio frequency, infrared, and soft laser. The 3-e technology allows for deep penetration, while TENS offers no penetration but electric pulses.

Here is a comparison of key parameters to highlight the essential differences between Solio Alfa Plus and Quell devices.

Solio Alfa Plus vs. Quell TENS Unit


Solio Alfa Plus



Radio Frequency, Infrared, Soft Lasery


Therapeutic Penetration

25mm / 1 inch

Electric pulses, no penetration

Treatment area

30 square cm / 4.6 square inches

inner electrode area 33 cm²/ 5.1 square inches

Areas of Treatment

All over the body
(above the affected area)

Knee pain
(and may help with leg and foot)

Energy Source

Electricity – powerful energy



2 years

2 years





60-day money back guarantee *

60-day money back guarantee

FDA Clearance




Up to 44 °C / 111°F


Made in


Assembled in the U.S.

  • Data as of September 2020

Thermal imaging displaying Solio’s penetration – no other home-use device can do that

Here you can clearly see that Solio Alfa Plus’ therapeutic energies penetrate to a depth of 2.5 cm (1 inch). During treatment, the therapeutic energies penetrate up to 4 cm (1.5 inches). Solio is the only device that penetrates deep into the skin tissues, producing heat and increasing blood circulation around the treatment area to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process.

Pain Relief | Deep Tissues Treatment

And there’s more. Solio Alfa Plus is the first RF pain management device to be FDA-cleared for pain relief.

Solio Alfa Plus is a home-use, safe, self-administered, and easy-to-use device. It is FDA-cleared.

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See what Solio Alfa Plus customers say about us

What real customers are saying about Solio Alfa Plus

Solio Alfa Plus-recommendation Dr Avshalom Cohen

“I am a pediatrician and primary care physician. I have many patients and clients who suffer from chronic pain. Lately, I have treated my patients with a Solio Alfa Plus device. I have witnessed the results of treatment with Solio Alfa Plus, the significant pain relief, and the improvement in the range of motion of the affected area. I strongly recommend Solio Alfa Plus, especially today during the coronavirus and the need for social distancing. It can even replace physiotherapy in certain cases and offer an alternative for physiotherapy treatment.”

Dr. Avshalom Cohen

Dr Moti Dror recomment Solio Alfa Plus for pain relief

“I suffered from back pain for a long time, and could not find a solution. I am a veterinarian, and my job requires prolonged standing. The pain makes it hard for me to work. I have recently ordered Solio Alfa Plus, and I must say that after three sessions only, I feel like I have a new back, no less. I strongly recommend Solio for anyone who suffers from back pain.”

Doctor Moti Dror

“I suffered pain from multiple pain sources. Cervical herniated disc – the device helped me while I was using it. It also helped with pain relief after the treatment session. Later, I had a golfer’s elbow (caused by inflammation of the tendons). A few days of two daily sessions helped reduce the pain and finally eliminate it. I can train again, pain-free. I strongly recommend Solio Alfa Plus.”

Meir Alanqua

Solio Alfa Plus recommendation Shlomit Nevo

“I ordered Solio two weeks ago, after I compared the various devices on the market. Solio Alfa Plus is easy-to-use and does wonders. Before I started using Solio, I suffered terrible knee pain (I have knee cartilage damage). I consulted with an orthopedic specialist because I could not stand the pain. I am 51 years old, and the severe pain resulted in me not being able to walk. After two weeks of using Solio, I am free of pain. I only used Solio and the pain is simply gone. In addition, the treatment is nice and pleasant. It truly helped me with both my knees and I am so grateful. I got my knees back.”

Shlomit Nevo, Hofit, Israel


“When I have muscle pain in my shoulders, arms, or my back, Solio really helps me eliminate the pain. It only takes a few treatment sessions. After the first treatment, I already experienced pain relief. I recommend Solio to anyone who suffers from pain.”

Sivan Gal, Israel


“I have been suffering from a herniated disc for about two years now. I’ve tried everything! Chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, ointments, shiatsu, heat packs, injections, and pain relief medications. But nothing offered pain relief.
After some time, the pain spread to my thighs and even radiated down my leg to my foot. I had sharp shin pain and stabbing foot pain. Some days I could not leave the house.
I first heard about Solio about three weeks ago. I was in pain and I felt that I had nothing to lose. After all, I have tried so many different therapies that did not reduce my pain…
The Solio device is small, but it does a great job. I have been using it for about two weeks, and the improvement is already significant!!! I have recommended it to my friends. I’m thankful for the pain relief.

p.s. The Solio team is highly professional and helpful.”

Hani Koren, Rishon LeZion, Israel

What do professional athletes say about Solio Alfa Plus?

In 2017, I successfully represented Israel in 5 international triple-jump competitions. In July 2017, I pulled a muscle during practice, and as a result, I had to stop practicing and undergo therapy. As part of the treatment to help me heal and go back to my training routine, I used a new and advanced pain relief device. Solio Alfa Plus significantly reduced my pain and contributed to the faster healing of the affected area. Thanks to Solio, I was able to go back to my training routine, and I hope to have more athletic achievements in the future.

Hanna Knyazyeva-Minenko

Triple jump silver medal, World Championships (Beijing, 2015); Silver medal, European Championships (Amsterdam, 2016); 4th place, World Championships (London, 2017). Knyazyeva-Minenko won the Israeli Athletics Championships and also holds the Israeli record for triple jump and long jump.



Rhythmic gymnasts practice for about 10 hours every single day. To help prevent injuries, Linoy is regularly treated by physiotherapist Natalie Bartler at the Medix Medical Center. As part of her sessions at the center, Linoy was treated with Solio Alfa Plus, which offered her significant pain relief.

Linoy Ashram, rhythmic gymnast, is the 2017 World All-around bronze medalist, the 2018 World All-around silver medalist, and the 2019 European Games All-around silver medalist


Like most tennis players, Dudi Sela, Israel’s top tennis player, suffers pain in his arm due to extreme effort. Another common tennis injury is tennis elbow, a condition that usually occurs due to overuse of the muscles and tendons of the elbow and forearm that results in inflammation. Dudi Sela is treated with Solio Alfa Plus for pain relief and healing. His physiotherapist is Tamir, a leading Medix professional.

In the photo: Dudi Sela, Israel’s top men’s singles tennis player


Don’t let pain hold you back!

Solio Alfa Plus

Solio Alfa Plus device

Customer Reviews by Solio Alfa Plus Users

90% of 100

George D.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 14 weeks

“After buying and using Solio Alfa Plus I have no pain in my shoulder. When I feel like its tender, I immediately use it to prevent the pain. I couldn’t be happier.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

90% of 100

Clara T.
Gender: Female
Uses product for: 30 weeks

“We purchased Solio Alfa Plus almost a year ago and we are grateful we did. It’s great for pain management. It helped me with my sore hip and helped my husband with his lower back. I highly recommend it for older age.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

100% of 100

Michael J.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 8 weeks

“I had some everyday back pain and was worried it might turn into something chronic. I contacted the company and they were very helpful so I decided to purchase the device. I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks now and feel much better. I feel I made the healthy choice!”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

95% of 95

Chris B.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 10 weeks

“I was skeptical at first but after reading about the technology I felt more convinced. It’s been highly effective for my carpal tunnel and I’m off painkillers.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

100% of 100

Johanna A.
Gender: Female
Uses product for: 20 weeks

“I have used Solio Alfa Plus and was able to avoid surgery. I have no pain and nothing limits the use of my elbow anymore.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

95% of 100

Lora Q.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 3 weeks

“I use the device to treat my sore neck. My pain is not completely gone but it was greatly reduced. And it didn’t take long – it was almost immediate.”** Disclaimer: individual results may vary

95% of 100

Julie G.
Gender: Female
Uses product for: 8 weeks

“Solio Alfa Plus works like a charm. I had painful plantar fasciitis, and the pain affected me daily. I have tried a few different therapies before I found Solio. I felt pain relief after the very first treatment session. A few days later, and I forgot I was ever in pain. “

95% of 100

Frank D.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 5 weeks

“I use Solio to treat pain caused by a bulged disc. Relief is significant, and the pain is almost gone. And it didn’t take long - pain relief was almost instant.”

95% of 100

David T.
Gender: Male
Uses product for: 3 weeks

“My life before and after Solio is completely different. It made my life so much better, and the pain is gone! It has been months of pain due to my herniated disc. It may be hard to believe, but it only took three days for me to get my life back. Thank you, Solio.”