Shingles: Everything you wanted to know

Shingles, also called “herpes zoster,” is a viral infection that causes dense blisters popping up across the skin in the form of a belt and causing pain. The name “shingles” raises serious concerns, but even though it is a disease that causes considerable pain, it is only temporary.

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What causes shingles?

The Varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is the same as the virus that causes chickenpox in childhood. The virus is found in the body of anyone with this disease in childhood, albeit in a deep state of sleep in the nervous system. For reasons that are still unclear, one day, in old age, this virus may wake up in some people.
The majority of shingles sufferers are adults, although there are few cases of the onset of the disease in young people.

What do shingles feel like?

At the beginning of the virus, blisters appear on the skin around the area where the nerves affected by the shingles virus are. These blisters can appear on the back, abdomen, chest, arms, and legs or face. However, they will be limited to only one side of the body.
The pain that comes with this the disease is usually severe, reminiscent of intense burning or stabbing.
In some cases (but not always), additional symptoms such as limb pain and fatigue will appear.

How common is the shingles virus?

Studies have found that every year, less than half of the population gets shingles.

How is the shingles virus diagnosed?

Shingles are usually diagnosed based on a physical examination from your doctor according to the location of the blisters and pain itself, without performing any lab tests. This is because there is a very clear “borderline” between painful areas and the areas that don’t hurt. This is how the doctor will find the unique neural pathway for the disease, as the symptoms do not cross the midline of the body, and appear only on one side.

How long will I feel pain from shingles?

The blisters themselves disappear within 5-2 weeks. The duration of pain ranges from two weeks to several months. In the less common cases (about 10 percent of cases), the pain can become chronic.

Can shingles be dangerous?

Shingles can bring several complications, for example, eye injuries, which in some cases can cause irreversible vision damage. This is in addition to secondary bacterial infections, which require antibiotics.

How are shingles treated? Can advanced technology help?

There is no known cure for shingles, but as mentioned before, it usually goes away on its own in a matter of weeks. Therefore, your doctor will suggest you take painkillers to manage your pain. If the disease is detected early, your doctor may prescribe you an antiviral drug (such as acyclovir) designed to curb the virus. The drug’s efficacy is high only at the initial stage of shingles.
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How to avoid shingles in the future?

The Ministry of Health recommends that those 60 and older be vaccinated against the disease (even for those who have already been sick since shingles may appear again).

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