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Solio Alfa Plus

Solio Alfa Plus is an energy-based device that provides relief from pain resulting from chronic pain, menstruation, sports injuries or trauma. It is a powerful electrical device and should be used with special attention to safety.

Its patented synergy of 3 energy sources to gain pain relief and help the body heal itself, uses specific wavelengths and bipolar RF to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and increase blood circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. The deep heating creates an optimal healing environment that accelerates tissue regeneration and reduces inflammation, muscle aches, stiffness, and pain. The therapeutic effects may also include muscle relaxation and an improved range of motion.

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Menstrual pain is a reality. During menstruation, the uterus contracts to extract blood out through the cervix. This constractions cause the Menstrual pain. The contractions also involve inflammation and secretion of prostaglandins, which increases the severity of the pain. Now, strong contractions also cause small blood vessels to shrink, thus lack of blood supply (ischemia) which also leads to increased pain.
To relieve the menstrual pain, Solio Alfa Plus raises the temperature in the uterus, helping to reduce the contractions and contributing to muscle relaxation.  As a result, the pain diminishes.
Leg treatment with Solio Alfa Plus
Do you suffer from:

Muscle Pain, Muscle Stretch, Muscle spasm, Sore feet, Back pain, Knee pain, Shoulder pain, etc…

Exercising on a regular basis can carry its own injuries. Solio Alfa Plus was developed to aid in the rehabilitation process and in alleviating pain injury.

The Solio Alfa Plus device is designed to efficaciously treat and prevent injuries related to sports, exercise, and physical activity – with no known side effects.
Sports physicians, orthopedists, chiropractors and physiotherapists, among others, use it daily in their practice, and encourage their patients to do the same at the comfort of their home.

Solio Alfa Plus Shoulder Treatment
Do you suffer from:
Fracture pain, Pain sprain, Shoulder discharge pain, Injury pain, Postoperative pain*, etc…
Acute pain occurs immediately after an injury, physical labor or extreme effort. Solio Alfa Plus can help you heal by helping your body repare itself insuring optimal conditions for healing, increased blood circulation as well as pain relief and muscle relaxation.
Regardless of the severity of the trauma to the body, reducing pain will help your recovery, thus a faster healing process will help get back to your to normal activity as quickly as possible.
*For post-operative treatment, apply the Solio Alfa Plus device only once the scar tissue has completely healed.

After buying and using Solio Alfa Plus I have no pain in my shoulder. When I feel like its tender, I immediately use it to prevent the pain. I couldn’t be happier.”

George D.

We purchased Solio Alfa Plus almost a year ago and we are grateful we did. It’s great for pain management. It helped me with my sore hip and helped my husband with his lower back. I highly recommend it for older age.”

Clara T.

I had some everyday back pain and was worried it might turn into something chronic. I contacted the company and they were very helpful so I decided to purchase the device. I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks now and feel much better. I feel I made the healthy choice!

Michael J.

I have used Solio Alfa Plus and was able to avoid surgery. I have no pain and nothing limits the use of my elbow anymore.

Johanna A.

I was skeptical at first but after reading about the technology I felt more convinced. It’s been highly effective for my carpal tunnel and I’m off painkillers.

Chris B.

I use the device to treat my sore neck. My pain is not completely gone but it was greatly reduced. And it didn’t take long – it was almost immediate.

Lora Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it can vary, you may experience relief from the very first use. However, it may take a few sessions to fully realize the pain relief and healing benefits of Solio Alfa Plus.*

Yes, you are free to use it wherever you feel the need.

Recommended use is one session per day.*

Yes. Many use the device to complement other therapies, such as physiotherapy. In fact, it can even increase their effectiveness.*

No, you don’t need a prescription. You can purchase Solio Alfa Plus directly from our website.

Yes, it is safe to use with your pain medication. As pain is relieved, you may gain drug-free relief and ultimate relief. However, in case of doubt, please check with your healthcare professional.*

Yes. It usually lasts until the next session, and after a few sessions you frequently experience a lasting improvement or cure.*

The stimulation warms the treated area.*

Yes. It’s an FDA-cleared device that has proven to be a safe and effective way to treat some forms of pain.

There are no known side effects. You may experience some mild skin irritation, and treat it with a soothing cream if you feel the need.

The Slider Gel is a conductive gel essential for the treatment. It has a moisture-rich formula that is pleasant to the skin. The gel is transparent and contains no harmful chemicals or fragrance.

Solio Alfa Pain Relief

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The best solution to your pain.*
The only FDA-cleared home-use device featuring the patented synergy of 3 energy sources to gain pain relief and help the body heal itself*:
3-E powerful technology treats the pain at its source, while optimizing and accelerating the body’s repair mechanisms to expedite the healing process.
(1) Bipolar Radiofrequency (RF) – deep penetration technology that reaches the muscles and joints and increases blood circulation to treat the source of the pain.*
(2)LLLT – Low Light Laser Therapy to treat muscle spasms.
(3) Dual Optical Energy – Light with dual wavelengths: (IR) Infra Red and red spectrum for treating skin pain and stiffness.
Solio Alfa Plus treats Chronic pain, Trauma pain, Sport pain and menstrual pain*
* Disclaimer: individual results may vary.

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