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Solio Alfa Plus

We are proud to introduce Solio Alfa Plus - a no drugs, no surgery, FDA-cleared medical device that is effective and easy to use from the comfort of your home or office.

Solio Alfa Plus is FDA-cleared, prescription free, and doctor recommended.

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Ratings and Reviews

By People who use Solio Alfa Plus

  • 90% of 100
    George D.
    Gender: Male
    Uses product for: 14 weeks

    "After buying and using Solio Alfa Plus I have no pain in my shoulder. When I feel like its tender, I immediately use it to prevent the pain. I couldn’t be happier."*

  • 90% of 100
    Clara T.
    Gender: Female
    Uses product for: 30 weeks

    “We purchased Relief almost a year ago and we are grateful we did. It’s great for pain management. It helped me with my sore hip and helped my husband with his lower back. I highly recommend it for older age."*

  • 100% of 100
    Michael J.
    Gender: Male
    Uses product for: 8 weeks

    “I had some everyday back pain and was worried it might turn into something chronic. I contacted the company and they were very helpful so I decided to purchase the device. I’ve been using it daily for a few weeks now and feel much better. I feel I made the healthy choice!"*

  • 95% of 95
    Chris B.
    Gender: Male
    Uses product for: 10 weeks

    “I was skeptical at first but after reading about the technology I felt more convinced. It’s been highly effective for my carpal tunnel and I’m off painkillers."*

  • 100% of 100
    Johanna A.
    Gender: Female
    Uses product for: 20 weeks

    “I have used Solio Alfa Plus and was able to avoid surgery. I have no pain and nothing limits the use of my elbow anymore."*

  • 95% of 100
    Lora Q.
    Gender: Male
    Uses product for: 3 weeks

    “I use the device to treat my sore neck. My pain is not completely gone but it was greatly reduced. And it didn’t take long – it was almost immediate."