How to get rid of neck pain?

Who hasn’t heard the saying “What a pain in the neck”?!? It refers to something or someone causing aggravation, irritation and annoyance, and it exists for a reason. Neck pain has been aggravating people for centuries,so much so that in 1900’s, this colloquial expression come into existence, as a substitute for the other two, more vulgar variations. Neck pain was considered bad enough to be used equivalently to the crude expressions, and that is saying something.Let’s go over how it all works to understand what we are dealing with here:The neck is made up of vertebrae (or bones) with cervical disks in between to absorb shock, along with muscles and ligaments, going from the head to the upper torso, making up the upper portion of the spine. It is there to support the head in all that it does, which is a lot, so you could say it is a pretty important part of your body. Any injury, inflammation, or any other irregularity can and often will cause pain, stiffness, and tenderness.Neck pain is a common occurrence and most of us can relate when we hear: “I slept badly last night and now I can’t move my neck, it is stiff and hurting”. In most instances, neck pain is just plain annoying. There are, of course, more serious issues, when it is a sign of a severe illness such as meningitis or heart attack, or when it is caused by an injury, or a fall, sports trauma, or whiplash. In those situations, it is important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. However, poor posture and overuse are the main culprits of neck pain most of the time. In these circumstances, neck pain is not a serious condition and your doctor will not be of much use in helping to treat the lingering pain. So there isn’t use in going except, perhaps, getting prescription pain medication. But can one find a solution including treatment and pain management?Yes, and you can find it right in the comfort of your home. One of the most widely used techniques is to apply an ice pack to the pain emitting area on the neck immediately after feeling pain for the first time, and thereafter use heat therapy regularly to treat the area.This is where Solio Therapy Relief, pain relieving device comes in. Solio Therapy Relief synergizes three heat energy technologies in One, to release powerful heat waves, each targeting different origins of pain at varying depths to accelerate tissue regeneration and reduce inflammation, muscle and joint aches, stiffness and pain. The device fosters optimal healing and immediate pain relief by releasing RF Energy, LLLT Energy, and IR Heat Energy. No other pain device utilizes all three in one, while heat packs and other heat-emitting products are not as effective because they do not reach deep enough to provide real and lasting results in reducing pain and stiffness.There are other things you can do at home that will assist with the healing process:
  • Exercising good posture
  • Stretching your neck
  • Abstaining from sports and other strenuous activity for a few days
  • Taking over the counter pain medications
  • Not keeping the same position for too long
  • Using a special neck pillow for sleeping
  • Getting gentle neck massage
Neck pain is a real “Pain in the neck” for anyone who experiences it. So take good care of your body and avoid it all together.
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