Pain relief devices: Tendlite vs. Solio Alfa Plus

Comparison of features and benefits between Solio Alfa Plus and Tendlite devices

Wavelengths and bipolar RF have been harnessed for pain relief in medical settings. Recently, they are also available for easy, safe and effective home use. Home pain relief devices are gaining recognition for their ability to help relieve pain, drug-free.
Different wavelengths are utilized to provide effective results, each with benefits. Here’s a comparison between two leading home use devices for pain relief: Tendlite and Solio Alfa Plus.


Solio Alfa PlusTendlite
Radio FrequencyYesNo
Soft Laser (LLLT)YesNo
Red LightYesYes
HeatUp to 44 °C / 111°FLow
Penetration25mm4 mm
Power (Watts)24W3 W

About home-use pain relief devices

Pain of all types is disruptive. Chronic pain can negatively affect daily activities and quality of life. Pain relief devices for home use provide an effective way for many to simply live better.
Home-use devices can be helpful in treating various types of pain:

  1. Chronic pain relief
  2. Sports pain
  3. Trauma pain
  4. Period pain

They provide relief for different conditions, such as:

  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasm
  • Stiffness

Although results may vary depending on both the inpidual and the condition, many customers report significant pain relief and faster healing with home-use devices.
Although they look different, Tendlite and Solio Alfa Plus devices both utilize energy to alleviate pain and promote healing in-home settings.
Common advantages of Solio and Tendlite light pain relief devices for home use:

  • Self-administered
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • No need for prescription
  • Drug-free
  • No side effects
  • Safe
  • Can be applied to different parts of the body to provide relief

Tendlite vs. Solio

Tendlite and Solio Alfa Plus differ mainly in the type of therapy they offer.
Advanced home use devices utilize different wavelengths. Used directly over the affected area, different wavelengths have different effects on our bodies, such as heat-producing light. The depth of penetration also varies by wavelength.

Types of energy for pain management

Solio Alfa Plus fights chronic and strong pain. Here’s a thermic picture showing the depth Solio Alfa penetrates depth Solio Alfa Plus penetrates into the deep tissue layers, directly at 25mm (1 inch). Bear in mind, it can penetrate even deeper during the treatment, making it the only home-device that treats the pain while also helps the body heal itself at a faster rate by accelerating the blood flow around the treatment area.

Pain Relief | Deep Tissues Treatment

Bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF) Energy

Solio Technology - bipolar radiofrequency
Solio Technology – bipolar radiofrequency

Deeply penetrating technology that reaches the muscles and joints. RF energy blocks sensory nerve cells, thereby eliminating or significantly reducing pain. At the same time, swelling is neutralized and reduced through increased blood circulation that draws oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, and collagen production is increased causing the shrinking and tightening of cells, leading to improved joint stability and healing.

Infrared (IR) Heat Energy

Solio Technology InfraRed Heat Energy
Solio Technology InfraRed Heat Energy

Dual Optical energy is a combination of Infra-Red and red spectrum technology for the treatment of skin pain and stiffness.
Red light therapy works on the red-light frequency. It can treat inflammation, both chronic and temporary, and is therefore useful in treating sports injuries.
Infrared light works on a spectrum invisible to the human eye but penetrates deeper than light on the visible spectrum. This means it can treat pain indicators relating to deep muscle tissue, bones, and joints. It is useful in the treatment of conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain such as chronic neck pain and chronic back pain, tendon inflammation (for example, tennis elbow), and other injuries.
The combination of Red Light and Infrared energy with longer wavelengths enables for surface as well as muscle and joint pain to be treated at the same time, while delivering the healing energies to both surface and internal pains. Experimentation on infrared light therapy demonstrated that infrared light delivered through light-emitting diodes (LEDs) sped up the healing process and reduced pain.

Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT) Energy

Solio Technology LED Light Energy
Solio Technology LED Light Energy

Low Light Laser Therapy (LLLT), also called Cold Laser Therapy, has been in use for the treatment of pain for many years.
Low Light Laser Therapy can treat chronic and acute pain, and temporary inflammation, as well as help release muscle spasms. It has been cleared by the FDA for use in home pain treatment devices.


Tendlite is a direct red light therapy device that utilizes LED technology and is designed for joint and muscle pain relief. It has one energy source: red light.

Solio Alfa Plus

Solio Alfa Plus device with its energy on
Solio Alfa Plus device with its energy on

Solio is a therapy device that uses the 3-E technology: RF, IR, and LLT, three energy sources working together for best results, with IR energy including both infrared and red light.
When the R&D for Solio was first launched, available home devices used TENS and LLLT (LED / Soft laser) technologies. To offer the best treatment at home, Solio’s team of experts set out to develop a revolutionary pain relief device, based on clinical studies and continuous consultation with pain management professionals.
The result is 3-E. Through the patented synergy of 3-Energy sources (RF, IR, and LLLT), the Solio Alfa Plus technology offers pain relief and treatment for a wider variety of issues, with each of the 3 energies directed at a different depth within the body, and offering healing and pain relief. Deep penetration treats the cause of the pain, thereby not only eliminating it but treating the source of pain.
Solio’s energy sources produce heat of up to 44 °C / 111°F, and penetrate 11-30 mm into the skin, without causing any pain.
In other words, Solio uses the same red-light energy as Tendlite, plus additional potent energy sources working in synergy for best results and treating the pain at its source.

How does 3-E work?

Put together on the site of pain, the 3 energy sources stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms, increasing blood circulation, drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, accelerating tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation and pain.

FDA Clearance

Tendlite and Solio are FDA-cleared.
Solio is the first RF pain management device to be FDA-cleared for pain relief.

Therapy sessions

Both Tendlite and Solio Alfa Plus are applied at the site of the pain for the therapeutic treatment.
The length of home therapy sessions varies by device.
Tendlite: Sessions last 1-2 minutes per area, 2-3 times per day.
Solio: Sessions last 15-20 minutes for maximum pain relief benefits, once a day per area.


Solio and Tendlite pain relief devices for home use both harness energy in the hope of helping people minimize pain, accelerate healing, and enjoy a better quality of life the natural way, with no medication.
The devices offer similar technology in that they are portable home-use devices that are easy to use, but Solio offers 3 energy sources, while Tendlite offers one. Deeper penetration enables Solio to treat the pain at its source, and the synergy of 3 energy sources makes the device more effective and the pain relief results more significant.

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