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Period Cramps: Symptoms And Causes

Asian female having painful stomachache,Woman suffering from abdominal pain,Period cramps

This is definitely one question women ask themselves at some point in their life. It seems that when that time of the month arrives, women tend to experience bloating, irritability, and mild cramps, among others. However, crippling period cramps, serious fatigue, and other symptoms significantly affect quality of life, and all that women really want […]

Back Pain Exercise

Back pain is one of the most common health problems people face in their lifetime, we are talking about 80% of us! So it makes sense that people have come up with many options for helping to deal with, alleviate, and heal back pain. There are a multitude of contraptions, devices, medicines, herbs, procedures, and even surgery. We want […]

The Truth Behind Back Pain Surgery

Muscular Man suffering from back and neck pain. Incorrect sitting posture problems Muscle spasm, rheumatism. Pain relief, ,chiropractic concept. Sport exercising injury

Over the last couple of decades, back surgery has become a very popular solution for chronic back pain problems. Patients and doctors seem to turn to surgery as the cure all solution, especially in situations when other methods have been exhausted yet the pain remains. However, researchers in the field are beginning to bring to light some […]

History of Pain Relief

Pain is the oldest and most universal affliction that people experience. It has been studied, analyzed, dissected, and explained from philosophical, political, and religious standpoints throughout time. However, the physiological understanding of it had remained quite limited for a very long time, which meant that pain management was extremely limited until relatively recently. It’s difficult […]