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Meditate The Pain Away

Mindfulness has become a very popular term, everyone is trying to practice it in their daily life.Mindfulness is the process of being in the moment, paying attention to the here-and-now instead of letting your mind drift to other concerns. This is something that has been taught in the Buddhist tradition for millennia and is called […]

Chronic Pain Relief Through Alternative Treatments

Anyone who has experienced chronic pain knows that it’s a real drain on the body and mind. It has the power to affect every aspect of one’s life and makes it impossible to continue as normal. From the inability to do everyday tasks, to the many hours of lost sleep, to feelings of helplessness and depression, it can […]

Joint Pain Causes & Treatment Options

Man suffering from joint pain

Anyone who has had joint pain, knows all too well, the kinds of challenges, discomfort, and strain that it causes. Not to mention the toll that it takes on the body and mind. The pain itself could be a result of any number of causes such as injury, trauma, infection, or disease, arthritis being a leading […]

Proven Strategies For Dealing With Chronic Pain

Pain management

Whether it is lower back pain, or neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, or muscle pain, chronic pain in any form just goes on and on with no end in sight, making the sufferer feel not only exhausted from the constant aching but also hopeless for relief. Any pain that continues for at least 3 months after treatment is […]